Go figure, we have a sunny hot July and August and the day (today) that my solar panels are put online is cloudy and raining. Anyway, Aurora Energy my installer of SunPower panels moved my install date up 4 weeks as I signed my contract on Aug 20th and the job got installed between Wednesday and today (3 days). Inspection is set for Wednesday but my installer Michael Ryan of Aurora and I agreed to just hook up to the grid and start to slow down the power draw from my appliances with the aid of SUN… HELLO Sunshine J .

Arlington Rails

Anyway if anybody has questions or wants a tour let me know OFFLINE as a lot of research has already been posted on the web about this technology but nothing replaces true testimonials from actual users you get to talk with. I have been asked why my stance changed about installing panels and it’s because Aurora has a 10 year roof warranty, 15 year electronics warranty and 25 year Sun Power panel warranty (these SunPower panels are 19% efficient btw) that makes me sleep very well.

Arlington JBox

Michael Ryan of Aurora did RIGHT by me in more than one way, call him to find out 410-268-3088 and if you take the sidewalk that cuts between Everett and Oldfield look up and you’ll see my SunPower panels along with Laura and John’s panel grid on their roof next door too.