Why Solar Power? For the first time in history we can create electricity at the place where it is needed instead of a centralized location hundreds of miles away.... Utilities are an old industry. They always had a monopoly.... Now we can force competition, give consumers more choice.


Facing challenges: Getting the word out to potential customers. That is the biggest challenge that solar industry has:
People don't understand it. They still ask,

  • 'What's the payback?' ... It is cheaper, cleaner energy.
  • How hard is this to understand? The concept is so foreign.
  • People are so used to getting their energy from only one source, the utility, they don't see it's possible that they can get electricity from something else Free. "The Sun"

Ignore resistance: Punch through. Just go for it. In energy production case, whenever you have intrinsic monopolies, they (utilities) will resist any change where possible. There will always be someone who will tell you that you can't do what you want to do. Entrenched industries will always set the rules in ways that resist competition. Over time, the right technology will win.