Two Trillion for a Clean Economy

That's Trillion with a 'T'

   Although businesses across our region- warehouses, car dealerships, food production, restaurants and shopping centers to name a few- have wanted to go solar, obstacles & relative uncertainty of the renewable industry has put a hesitancy on moving forward.  That dramatically changed last Wednesday when President Joe Biden, just days after taking office signed executive orders on climate that will achieve the following:

  • Rejoining the Paris Climate Accord
  • Pollution-free power sector by 2035
  • Net zero economy by 2050
  • Establishes climate considerations as essential element of U.S. foreign policy
  • Establishes a Presidential Climate Envoy as part of the NSC
  • Establishes National Climate Advisor
  • Pauses new fossil fuel land leases

   These are just some of the initiatives set in motion.  I could go on- for a while. The EOs have been extensive, thorough, and thought-out by the President’s policy teams.

   But here are the best parts of Biden’s plans-

  1. A Civilian Climate Corps- a massive initiative putting Americans back to work in restoring public lands, reforestation, and addressing the climate crisis. This is a throwback to FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps that put thousands of Americans to work addressing environmental issues. (There’s a reason we don’t talk about the dust bowl anymore).
  2. Two trillion (trillion with a T) dollars towards building the clean energy economy

   Ambitious? Yes.  Necessary? An even heavier yes.  With the Arctic sea ice failing to refreeze by late October 2020 we don’t have time to lose.

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