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Solar installation options.

For some properties, there may be a number of different options for solar siting


Rooftop solar installations are the most popular option when feasible. They are also typically the quickest to construct, taking only 5 to 6 weeks (or less) to complete. Depending on the surrounding area, the PV equipment, components & racking are moved to the roof using either an overhead crane, variable reach forklift or a lift mounted to the side of the building. Disruption to daily schedules at the site are kept to a minimum with the careful scheduling our project managers employ.

Ground Mount

Depending on land characteristics, zoning and local requirements, permitting for this type of installation can take longer than roof mounts (although not always). Prior to installation, a work area may need to be fenced off for safety. Before solar equipment is delivered, it may be necessary to remove vegetation and create access roads. As construction commences, poles are first driven into the ground to support the new solar array. Trenching for connecting cables will also be necessary.


A favorite among auto dealers and public works facilities, these are the most complex commercial solar installation projects taking 8 to 12 weeks to complete. Additional inspections are often required to satisfy state and federal regulations. (It may be prudent to hire your own architect to monitor holes drilled, rebar and concrete used and the steel being fabricated throughout this process.) Pre-construction demolition and post-construction patching and painting may also be necessary.

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Aurora Energy Inc. is based in Columbia, Maryland and serves the MD/DC/VA region.  Our NABCEP-trained solar professionals are always available for customer questions, concerns or ideas.  We live & work in the community we serve. 

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Solar canopy over garage commercial installation MD
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