Patton Kiehl


230.4 kW


270 MWh


225 acres of forest


208,730 lbs. not burned

PKG Solar Portal

Check out Patton- Kiehl's production in real time through their website's solar portal

customer's goals

As a successful business that offers a wide array of data processing, mailshop and postal services, Patton-Kiehl turned their attention towards sustainability measures in 2017, focusing on their carbon footprint. After engaging with and understanding the needs of the customer, Aurora knew that a complete electricity offset was an important goal.

aurora's solution

After working with the utility to analyze the site’s historical data as well as the builder to understand the roof structure, Aurora designed a high-efficiency rooftop system utilizing SunPower X-series modules with SolarEdge inverters to fit Patton-Kiehl’s needs.

project results

The 230.4 kW system will produce 100% of the production plant’s usage, with an estimated payback period of under 5 years. So with a power-producing clean energy source on-site preventing 191 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere annually, the business decision to go solar will reap its own benefits well into the company’s future.

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