Shapiro and Duncan


302.5 kW


412.3 MWh


358 acres of forest


301,931 lbs. not burned


“Solar was a way to enhance our community commitment through environmental consciousness. The idea of producing our own energy from the most advanced technology available also aligns with our company’s expertise in cutting- edge mechanical solutions. Going solar has been a total win-win.”
mark drury
Vice President- Business Development, Shapiro & Duncan

customer's goals

In 2018, Shapiro & Duncan earned the Montgomery County Corporate Social Responsibility award in recognition of its work in youth development, career education, charitable causes as well as its overall management excellence and company practices.  Seeking to build on its efforts, the company’s leadership team became interested in going solar.

aurora's solution

Aurora Energy answered the call by designing and installing a high-performance rooftop solar PV system. Featuring 925 SunPower high-efficiency solar panels, the system offsets all electricity-related carbon emissions and has virtually eliminated the company’s electricity bill.

project results

Generating local clean energy, the solar installation serves a dual purpose of environmental sustainability and reducing operational costs that can now be reinvested into the business and community.  Over the course of the next 25 years, solar is expected to save the company $1.6 million. But the impact on community well-being is worth much more.

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