Solar For Land Owners

The Community Solar program has opened up valuable opportunities for Maryland land owners

  • Host a community solar project on your property for additional income
  • Keep your agricultural property intact
  • Utilize “agrivoltaics” allowing for partial shade on the property to grow a variety of crops, plants and pollinator gardens

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“We had wanted to put in solar for some time for we believe it to be the right thing to do and the price point now seems to work. You all were excellent to work with.”   

Robert Butts, Owner

Waredaca Farm

Stewardship of the Land

As climate change and environmental pollution continue to drastically increase, renewable energy has become a common sense solution for land owners across the Mid-Atlantic region. We can all do our part to become more sustainable stewards of the planet. Clean energy sourcing is a crucial part of that role.

Property Budget

When land owners host a community solar project on their property, they receive a fixed additional income from the system, allowing for more budgeting stability year over year. If land owners want to utilize the solar on-site, ground mounted systems can provide flexible options for array size, production, land space used and dual-use opportunities.


"Agrivoltaics" is a relatively new term that refers to the dual-use of solar and agriculture. Land owners across the globe are beginning to install more & more ground mounted system with the added benefit of growing vegetation, crops or pollinator gardens between or underneath the installed rows of solar panels.

You can install solar on your property.
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Aurora Energy has been in the solar business for nearly three decades, and many of our earliest customers were property owners.  We have in-depth experience with conduit trenching, design & maximized production.

Maryland farm solar array experienced local installer Aurora Energy Inc.
Dodon Farm solar panels barn
Solar array ground mount Virginia winery installed by Aurora Energy, Inc.
Solar farm agricultural property Maryland installer Aurora Energy Inc.

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