United Therapeutics


1.032 MW


1.205 GWh


1,003 acres of forest


931,566 lbs. not burned

Net Zero Details

Dubbed the “Unisphere” the United Therapeutics building utilizes several different technologies including geothermal and electrochromic enveloping in conjunction with the PV systems in order to achieve net zero status.

customer's goals

As a proponent of renewable energy, United Therapeutics was searching for a bold energy solution for their new headquarters in downtown Silver Spring. Considering the anticipated energy usage for the new building, the system design for the net zero project would have to utilize a number of different energy-capturing solar structures to meet their goals.

aurora's solution

Through bold innovative design, Aurora Energy was able to find the PV solutions that met United Therapeutics’ needs with solar trays, solar facade, solar wall and a solar canopy utilizing a total of 2,974 modules and a bank of 28 utility inter-tied inverters.

project results

The 1.032 MW PV system is projected to produce 1.205 GWh of electricity annually, feeding any excess back into the grid. The result is a new kind of sustainable workplace, where employees benefit from open spaces powered by onsite sourcing, an example of what’s possible for future structures.

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