42nd Street


51.8 kW


57.5 MWh


47.4 acres of forest


44,444 lbs. not burned

“We chose Aurora Energy for our solar PV projects due to their depth of experience, including in Washington, DC, and their detailed project proposals. Aurora gave frequent progress updates and was responsive to any issues that arose during construction.”
michael brown
Assistant VP/Director of Operations, BMC

customer's goals

Along with the rooftop solar installation at their adjacent Davis Place property, Bernstein Management Company wanted to add more buildings to its portfolio of sustainable energy sourcing, and 2615 42nd Street was a perfect fit.

aurora's solution

Through careful due diligence and design, Aurora Energy was able to maximize the roof space with a system utilizing SunPower X-series commercial modules and Solaredge inverter.

project results

The 51.8 kW system produces just over 57 megawatt hours annually, while preventing over 40 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere with its energy output. The building will save well over $200,000 in electricity costs over the life of the system and is projected to realize payback for the installation in under four years.

42nd st sundown bernstein
42nd st sundown bernstein
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42nd st sundown bernstein
42nd st sundown bernstein
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