Sun Belle


450 kW


592 kW


547 acres of forest


461,204 lbs. not burned


“Due to our constant refrigeration demands, we sought a solution that would offset rising utility costs and make a positive environmental impact”
janice honigberg
President, Sun Belle Inc.

customer's goals

As a produce company internationally recognized for their high quality berries, Sun Belle’s focus is on strong relationships with growers, sustainable land practices and the value of their conventional and organic products to the consumer. In line with their brand philosophy, they saw solar as a natural fit for their organization, ensuring their building was as environmentally friendly as their products. In addition, with the warehouse in Jessup MD running refrigeration units to keep their products fresh, rising utility costs had become an increasing burden.

aurora's solution

Once Sun Belle decided to go solar, they chose Aurora to install their system based on our competitive pricing and easy working relationship. Utilizing usable space on the roof of the warehouse, the Aurora team was able to design a 450 kW system to offset over 30% of the warehouse’s energy needs, reducing their utility bills significantly.

project results

With an energy-producing PV system that benefits both the environment and their bottom line, Sun Belle has found a win-win solution. By preventing 420 metric tons of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere annually and saving over $1 million over the life of the system, Sun Belle has achieved a positive balance with an operations decision that was just smart business.

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